The B-Nice wins a 2012 TWS Good Wood Award

B-Nice… a nice board at a great price! Good Wood winner, super pipes and rail jams against the world’s best, or hot laps with your friends, this board does it all. Fun and easy to ride Banana Tech. Floats in powder, carves the hardpack and ice and is loose for freestyle fun in the park and all over the mountain. The B-Nice is handbuilt by snowboarders in the USA at Mervin Mfg. With its youthful friendly twin shape, the B-nice is a perfect board for girls from entry level to ripper who look at the whole mountain as their park. Magne-Traction is specialized snowboard geometry that makes boards work better, gives great edgehold and makes it easier to ride.
Easy riding boards make girls happy! 2012 TWSNOW Good

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