About the Art : Park Pickle by Tim Karpinski

Graphic by gnu art director Tim “Pinski” Karpinski. Pinski spends a lot of time painting and showing art in galleries all over the globe. This graphic was made one late night splashing paint all over the place listening to jazz and getting weird. More at Timothykarpinski.com.

Where is home? Where was it before?
Northeast Portland, Oregon, before that Vermont.

If you had an unlimited travel budget where would you go?
I would build a mid-century modern sailboat complete with studio and garden to grow food and make art while I sail around the world making love to Chloe.

Whats your process and how did you arrive there?
Draw constantly, put myself into very random situations, surround myself with beautiful creative people, howl at the moon, soak in the sun, with incense burning the entire time and a kitten or 2 on my lap. Oh! and music blasting, right now its Crystal Castles!

Do you make a living off your art? How do you pay the bills?
I am very thankful to my brain and hand to provide for me. Karma too 🙂

Can you tell us a little about the board graphic you did for GNU?
I found a paper shredder in my old lady’s attic and got baked on hash and made it.

Hobbies outside art snowboarding?
Exploring Earth, planting things, painting things, petting things. Boom for real.

What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
One of my kittens rubbing up against me. Or someone dropping in my halfpipe.

Currently listening to?
Crystal Castles, Joanna Newsom, Lovers, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Perfume Genious Twin Sister, Nurses, Y La Bamba, Dragging and Ox Through Water. Jazz Radio KMHD.

Currently looking at?
The northwest countryside pass by, I’m on a train bound for Portland, there is a pretty girl text messaging sitting across from me. I’m also reading‚Everything is Illuminated.

Whats next?
Go home, feed the cats, hop on my motorcycle and meet a pretty lady in the park to draw cats. Run around until the sun comes up.

Every single person at Mervin Mfg. especially Pete Saari who encourages me to get weird. My family and friends. The sun for rising, my cats too Samo and Jackson.

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