About the Art : Street Series by Print Mafia

Graphic by Kentucky based designers known as print mafia. Print Mafia is Connie and Jim. They have been creating rock posters for over 14 years, for bands like the White Stripes and the Shins. They do it old school, exacto knifes and photo copy machines. See much more at Printmafia.net.

Where is home? Where was it before?
Bowling Green KY – always.

If you had an unlimited travel budget where would you go?
Make a book of our history from 1997 – present day with Pullouts, Inserts, CD and DVD.

Whats your process and how did you arrive there?
We screen print designs that we make using just our hands, Xacto knives, a photocopier and years and years of collecting images and resources.

Do you make a living off your art?
Sometimes – we keep day jobs to supplement and be comfortable. We collect and buy a lot of stuff so being poor is not attractive. We have had periods of up to 4 years at a Time of being supported by design and art.

Can you tell us a little about the board graphic you did for GNU?
We worked outside of the edges with no template to go by and then what fell into the frame became the graphic. We sourced from some of our favorite individual photocopies that we keep around for years and just combined them with no set plan.

Hobbies outside art making?
Collecting junk, movies, music, home projects.

Currently listening to?
The Kills & MGMT & The Black Keys currently.

Currently looking at?
Old magazines and packaging – 70’s and 80’s Classic movies.

Whats next?
Skateboards, screen printed furniture and found objects. more prints and posters.

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