Behind the Onboard Cover: Forest Bailey, Captured by Zach Hooper

Check out the latest cover of Onboard Mag featuring Forest Bailey!

“I took this photo of Forest Bailey, who I had just met a few days prior while here in Aspen, Colorado filming for Givin Vids ‘One’ last November. I’m most def a Forest fan. Not just because of his riding skills but more a fan of his character. While sessioning another spot we found this rail-to-roof drop on a hotel property and quickly got to the set up. It was dumping this day so we had plenty of snow to work with. As we were finalizing speed bumps a property management plow came through and shut down the black op. No worries: if you don’t succeed, try again, right? Another attempt in the afternoon and we were busted yet again. Arggh! Later that night while talking about kicking adversity in the mouth we decided to get that rail first thing in the morning. We awoke to cold bluebird conditions and Jedi’d this shot of smooth tittied back tail. Coincidentally, the guy who lived in this apartment (the door that opens bottom left in this shot) came out and was stoked on the sesh.” – Zach Hooper

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