About the Art : Dirty Pillow by Tim Zimmerman

Photos by Tim Zimmerman, our Gnu staff photographer and Portlander. We branded the dirty pillow as a photgrapher’s series and we were so excited to work with Zims on this season’s graphic. These shots were from his many trips around the globe documenting gnu pros. Check out more of his work at Timzimmerman.com. Thanks Zims!

Where‚ is home? Where was it before?
Portland, Oregon is where I store my belongings but I really live in the cab of my Dodge Dakota. Before that it was California by way of Vermont by way of central Pennsylvania.

If you had an unlimited travel budget where would you go?
I’d split my Time between Wanaka, New Zealand and Oslo, Norway.

Whats the weirdest thing you’ve ever done or seen done?
Once I saw Danny Kass & Mark Landvik drink a bar completely out of Jack Daniels while wearing Leiderhosen and tall gnome hats.

Do make a living off snowboarding? How do you pay the bills?
I don’t snowboard for a living but photographing people that do pays the bills.

What does Gnu mean to you?
Gnu means never having to say I’m sorry for getting so weird.

Have you tried the Backdoor yet?
Once I tried to put my foot in Forest Bailey’s backdoor but it didn’t fit. I’ll try Nate Farrell’s next Time, it might work.

Hobbies outside art snowboarding?
I like to skid bicycle tires on dirt trails. I also enjoy chihuahua training and skateboarding.

What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
The sun usually gets me up, or it could be my girlfriend making sure I don’t blow an entire day sleeping in. Family, friends, new adventures, powder, sun & fun times ahead.

Currently listening to?
Amon Amarth, Red Fang, Hank Williams III & a mix of Pandora stations keep thing interesting in my ear holes.

Currently looking at?
A giant plate of biscuits & veggie gravy. Wait, you mean art? I like looking at photo books from Andreas Gursky & Martin Parr. Mike Parillo & Adam Haynes eye candy too.

Whats next?
I’m about to shred some berms on my mountain bike.

Tim: Thanks to everyone that gave me the chance to have this amazing life I’m leading. My family, friends and everyone at Mervin Mfg. are responsible & appreciated intensely.

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