GNU Girls Charging at the Breck Dew Tour

Words by Barrett Christy, Photos by George Crossland.
The Dew weekend is over!  The level of riding was super impressive… for the guys and girls, especially when you consider that this was the first event of the season and the first opportunity for most of these riders to hit jumps that big, lines that long, or a pipe that good.  It wasn’t just like it picked up where the last season left off… it was as though everyone stepped up to a new level just through the sheer stoke of riding on perfect terrain under blue skies and sunshine.

Gnu’s girls were charging all weekend long.  Maddy continued to impress during pipe finals with a technical run AND amplitude on her B-pro. She loves the graphics so much she painted her face like a tiger and made cat noises throughout the day.  She ended up in 4th, but she proved that she has what it takes to be on the podium at any given event against the world’s best.

Kaitlyn started off finals with a solid run, including her corked bs 9 on the first hit.  She has such a big bag of tricks and combo’s, she is so much fun to watch ride.  She placed 5th in the finals with her B-pro 52.

The women’s slopestyle finals on Sunday were under the same blue sky and sunshine.  It’s the first year I didn’t hear a single complaint from anyone about the setup.  (Except the men’s pipe finalists who had to ride in the dark at the end of the day). The jumps were smooth and big without too much “skier” kick on them.  The whole run flowed.  Jamie was loving her board on this course but couldn’t put together a complete run in the end.  Just as her final run was shaping up to challenge Spencer’s lead, she knuckled on the last jump.  Her final placing was 5th but she showed she still has what it takes to be on top of that podium.  Congratulations to the GNU Girls and friends for an amazing weekend at the Dew Tour!

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