Jamie Anderson successfully defended her title and won the BEO Slopestyle for the second year in a row, on the GNU Ladies Choice snowboard she designed with the board builders at Mervin Mfg.

Jamie took the lead with her first run, then went on to top her own score with each subsequent run, finally winning with a 93.58. Her winning run included a backside tailslide on the rail, a frontside 360 to backside 180 on the step-up/step-down combo, a Cab 720 nose grab and switch backside 540 Indy grab on the kickers, finishing off with a backside lipslide to frontside 360 melon.

“It was the best riding I have ever seen from the girls. I love the new course…it’s great for creative runs,” Jamie said.

She also won the MINI Creative Use of Space (CUOS) Award for the most creative trick of the day with a backside lipslide to frontside 360 Melon on the MINI CUOS feature. The Gnu Ladies Choice that Jamie again won on features an  asymmetric build along with C2 Power Banana and Magne-Traction.

On the women’s side, Jamie Anderson holds the lead in both the BGOS Slopestyle and TTR World Tour rankings. The BEO Halfpipe contest on Saturday and the final stop of the TTR World Tour, the Burton US Open at Stratton, next week will determine this year’s tour championship titles.

Results Women’s Slopestyle Finals:
1.    Jamie Anderson (USA), Billabong, 93.58

2.    Enni Rukajärvi (FIN), Burton, 81.80

3.    Isabel Derungs (SUI), Ride, 68.20

4.    Spencer O’Brien (CAN), Nike, 65.68

5.    Cilka Sadar (SLO), Burton, 59.12

6.    Sina Candrian (SUI), Burton, 56.92

7.    Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas (NOR), Roxy, 41.52

8.    Silje Norendal (NOR), Nike 6.0, 29.80

Slopestyle is now officially finished at this year’s Burton European Open, and tomorrow, the Halfpipe riders will take over the spotlight with Halfpipe semi-finals.

If you can’t make it to LAAX, be sure to watch the live webcast on www.redbull.tv .

All results and further information can be found on www.opensnowboarding.com , www.facebook.com/BurtonEuropeanOpen and www.facebook.com/BurtonEurope.

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