Billygoat Splitboard Session with Adam Haynes and Temple Cummins

Words by Temple Cummins, Photos by Matt Gadsby
Adam Haynes, the artist for the last two Billygoats graphics came north to visit the GNU factory and do a little snowboarding with myself and Matt Gadsby.

We lucked out with some deep snow. Adam is an incredible artist, with the ability to transform ideas to paper that become better than your ideas in your head. It was the first time I had the opportunity to ride with Adam. Splitboarding can be slow, usually because the change over process. Not with Adam, he has won the splitboard race at the Dirksen Derby twice.

Our first stop was Stanny’s Pillows, thinking we would just do a quick lap and be on our way I was pleasantly surprised when we Busted out four short runs. Then we headed back to our packs to start our trip to our Overnight accommodations. Ravens are incredible. They had opened up the top zipper to Adam’s pack and sampled two HungryHiker meals, yogurt, apples, oatmeal and a punjaby.

Stanny was kind enough to give up his half sandwich and take out the trash the bird left us with. We arrived at our sleep zone around sunset, did a little relaxing, then headed out for a little moonlight mission. One of the greatest things about splitboarding is the freedom you have with your day using your every waking hour to explore. The following day we where able to work our way up the hill having a completely open slate to hit hips, ditches, cliffs, pillows and a bunch of tree runs. As the weather heated up the next day we ate our last food, and drank some weak coffee, packed up and made our way home. Adam was able to go to the GNU factory on a Sunday which was nice because we could meander around and not get in anybodies way.

Good art in snowboarding is crucial. Adam is a believer in both.

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