Forest Bailey’s Strange Trip

“What a long strange trip it’s been”

Forest’s Strange Trip Pickle. Forest Bailey has been on a long strange trip snowboarding and skateboarding things that were designed to be ridden. We built him his own Pickled Banana to ride through the many kinks along the way. Forests Pickle is designed around progressive freestyle and modern duck stances in all terrain. He took it to Mt. Hood and beat every other pro in the Snowboarder Magazine America’s Next Top Pro Model high ollie contest this year. Banana out pops camber! Banana Rocker between your feet for pop, catch free riding and unreal float in powder. Magne-Traction for fantastic edge hold on steel, concrete, ice and snow. Asymmetric sidecuts to balance the different turning mechanics required for toe-side and heel-side turns. Asymmetric eco wood core designs to allow the board to flex into a deeper heel-side sidecut at the low but powerful heel- side turning angles and add stability to precisely controlled toe side board manipulations. Forests Pickle balanced asymmetric pickle makes snowboarding easy…you can watch it work with Forest in “Given Too”.

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