GNU Wins Gold, Silver, and Bronze Wizard Staffs at the 2012 Dirksen Derby!

Several of the Gnu team were in Mt. Bachelor for this weekend for the 6th annual Dirksen Derby, a slalom race charity event put on by Josh Dirksen with all proceeds benefiting Tyler Eklund.

Photos by Andy Tullis

Josh Dirksen at the Dirksen Derby
Josh Dirksen at the 2012 Dirksen Derby

Maria Debari on her B-Pro C2 BTX swooped first place in the Women’s division at the Dirksen Derby for the second year in a row. In a race that is tight – usually fraction of a second differences, Maria won by a full second! Maria cleaned up on some friendly bets by beating some of our fastest Mervin guys on one of the courses – we will name no names! Maria was also the first girl up and down the course in the splitboard race on her Gnu B-Pro Split and Karakorum x Bent Metal Split Tail Hunter Bindings!

Forest Burki at the Dirksen Derby
Forest Burki taking second in the splitboard race

Forest Burki took second in the splitboard race, the most trying category of the Dirksen Derby, it has most racers coughing for hours after they finish. Forest easily cruised up the course on his Billy Goat Split and Karakorum x Bent Metal Split Tail Hunter Bindings, with no poles, and as always wearing his signature poncho. Forest didn’t have poles, but his second place finish trophy was a silver gloved wizard staff, which he can now take with him on his splitboard missions. It will look tight with his poncho!

Max Warbington at the Dirksen Derby
Max Warbington taking 3rd in the Men’s Finals

Bend and Mt Bachelor local Max Warbington laid down a 3rd place finish at the Derby, beating out some of snowboarding’s heaviest hitters! With this finish Max has been inducted in to the heavily coveted Dirksen Derby Elite category! The Derby Elites are automatically qualified into the finals – for life!

Congratulations to our Gold, Silver, and Bronze Wizard Staff Winners!

Check out the full list of contest result at

Check out The 2012 Dirksen Derby video via YoBeat:

Tyler Eklund
Tyler Eklund in the Dirksen Derby

Matt Edgers
Matt Edgers in the Dirksen Derby

Temple Cummins
Temple Cummins in the Dirksen Derby

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