Jamie Anderson Wins X-Games Slopestyle Gold on Gnu Ladies Choice EC2 A.S.S. Pickle!

Congratulations to Jamie Anderson for winning X-Games Slopestyle Gold!  Jamie rides the Gnu Ladies Choice EC2 A.S.S. Pickle, which combines the best of all of Gnu technology; Elliptical C2 (camber, Banana combination), A.S.S. Pickle – Asymmetric toe and heel sidecuts and construction for balance through asymmetry, and Magne-Traction for unreal edge hold. The Ladies Choice allows for the high performance freestyle ladies to embrace the weird, or perhaps a tree, which Jamie said she does before her runs, in a post win interview with ESPN.

Photo by Matt Morning / ESPN Images

Gnu teamed up with tree-hugger Jamie Anderson to enhance the Ladies Choice graphics with “Love Our Earth” logos. The Ladies Choice has been her board of choice since its creation, and she wanted to promote her passion through Gnu with a special graphic. Mervin and Jamie share a common cause: to be good humans, spread the love of snowboarding and to care for our earth. Mervin Manufacturing is the most environmentally conscious snowboard factory and Jamie Anderson is a snowboarder with an environmental conscience. Magic happens when one of a kind technology meets one of a kind people.

Photo by Zach Hooper

Gnu is very proud to be a part of the magic Jamie brings to women’s snowboarding. Thanks Jamie for putting the A.S.S. in Aspen at the 2013 X-Games! We salute you on your Slopestyle Gold!


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