Tube City 2013 Recap

Another election season is passed and as the powder settles over majestic Tube City we can now reflect on the contentious battle that was to be Mayor Krumm’s last gasp of power.  There was a storm brewing and all the fast plant 270s, miller flips and transfers couldn’t keep the Dino hoard from ripping last year’s politicians from their decadent nests.  The fierce new breed of young shred-publicans got weird, magical and wild running amok in the avenues of Tube City.

Campaigning on a platform of style, ability and courage Kevin Hanson came out on top of the votes. With a solid city council to back Kevin up the entire event hummed with progression, fun and surf rock.  When asked about what he saw for the future of Kevin’s term ex mayor Krumm said “Yeah, it’s rad, he rips.” And that, said it all.

Tube City Council Members 2013:

  • Mayor: Kevin “Kenny” Hanson
  • Treasurer: Bart Patitucci
  • Sergeant at Arms: Max Warbington
  • First Lady: Naima Antolin
  • Assistant to the Mayor: Matteo Soltane

Photos by Tim Zimmerman

Big thanks to Arnette, Snowboarder Magazine, Poler Stuff, and the Summit at Snoqualmie.

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