Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom 2013: Day 1

The Mt Baker Banked Slalom is the definition of ‘Healthy Competition’. From the start gate riders are nourished with homemade soups, smoked salmon, fresh seafood paella, water, hot cider, and for dessert chocolate covered strawberries. Most of the riders participating spend their season not preparing their nerves for competitions and trying to psych out their peers, but instead they are in the steep and deep backcountry, working closely, depending on each other for cooperative decision making, advise, and safety. But the Mt Baker Banked Slalom allows these normally supportive riders a refreshing outlet, because sometimes there is nothing healthier than yelling at your best friend, from the chairlift “You’re going down, son!”

Our video highlights some of these ‘healthy’ rivalries at 2013’s Mt. Baker Banked Slalom.

Photos by Tim Zimmerman


DAY 1 Qualifying Results:

Pro Women
Maelle Ricker 1:37. 050
Laura Hadar 1:40.217
Dominique Vallee 1:42.641
Shannon Yates 1:43.971

Pro Men
Nate Holland 1:33.294
Rob Fagan 1:33.634
Graham Wantanabe 1:34.258
Temple Cummins 1:34.606
Blair Habenicht 1:35.047
Curtis Ciszek 1:35.303
Lucas Debari 1:35.486
Travis Rice 1:35.927
Seth Wescott 1:35.982
Jason Robinson 1:36.009
Josh Dirksen 1:36.075
Wolle Nyvelt 1:36.175
Dustin Anderson 1:36.250
Tucker Andrews 1:36.550
Harry Kearney 1:36.609
Bryan Fox 1.36:647
Rob Kingwell 1:36.789
Shaun Palmer 1:36.866
Sammy Luebke 1:37.040
Nate Kewin 1:37.245
Wes Makepeace 1:37.364
Ryan Roemer 1:37.429

For more results check out the LBS site.


9:07-9:23 Course inspection
9:30 Race Start
4:00 Finalist posting
2:30–5:30 Bonfire, Baked Salmon BBQ, Music at Raven Hut Lodge

9:15 Finals Race Start
4:00 Awards
Scott Sullivan and Wes Makepeace jam at Grahams

Stay tuned for results from Day 2.

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