2013 – 2014 Impossible A.S.S. Pickle

Your body is Asymmetric your snowboard should be too!

The Gnu A.S.S. technicians have incorporated revolutionary balancing design concepts into the award winning Impossible. Your body is asymmetric and your turn mechanics are vastly different from toe side to heel side. The Impossible features a deeper heel-side sidecut, shorter heel-side contact, asym. contact angles and shape and asym core materials and flex. We have combined this Asym. Sym. Synchronization with EC2 Banana camber combination contours and incredible material technology including ultralight and strong Magnesium fibers and Bio Beans top material. The end result is a board that naturally works with you to easily achieve what ever you can imagine. Perfect for duck freestyle stances. Nothing is impossible! Balance through Asymmetry!

2013 - 2014 Impossible A.S.S. Pickle Snowboard

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