Congratulations Danyale Patterson, TWS Women’s Rookie of the Year!

Danyale has her own special kind of Magic and she works it on both sides of the camera.  Her Too Hard and Still Hard video projects are entertaining and progressive and hard to take your eyes off of.  Danyale’s hard work and really solid style are worthy of awards, but since producing, filming, and starring in her own movies wasn’t enough she was also featured prominently in the Roxy Wilder movie. Danyale was snowboarding all weekend on Mt Weird, rather than talking about it at a trade show, so she was unable to be at the awards show. Peter Line did his best Danyale impersonation as he accepted the award on her behalf.

“I’m so surprised and thankful, it’s a trip!” – Danyale Patterson

She totally deserves the recognition and honor of this award and we are stoked to have Danyale on GNU!  Look for Danyale to continue to do great things and bring her own unique style and flare to the streets… coming soon to a neighborhood near you!



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