Blake’s Mom Finds Balance Through Asymmetry on her Smart Pickle!

Blake Paul is one of those guys who makes you wonder “where did he come from?”. With his polished good looks and smooth style on and off the mountain, Blake seems to effortlessly glide through Mt Weird’s variable terrain with the mysterious air of a career magician. Blake Paul comes from a dedicated family of shred, and his Mom Marilyn recently got on a Gnu Smart Pickle for the first time.  Her testimonial nails it. Marilyn just discovered the magic of balance through asymmetry on her Smart Pickle!


Photo cred: Kyle Martin

“Thank you so very much for sending me my very own GNU board!!! I can’t think of a more wonderful present for my 61st birthday.  I’ve ridden it at Jackson for the last 3 days in powder, slush, cake and firm groomer and the board performs admirably…super easy turn initiation, definite more aggressive heel response than a symmetric edged board and a light playful feel. I’ve been riding Blake’s street 152 and the downsizing to 148 makes me feel as if I’m dancing down the mountain!” – Marilyn Paul

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