Weird and Bitchin’: Holy Bowly Video – Park City, UT

The Lib Tech and Gnu crew get’s weird and bitchin’ at the third annual Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly in Park City, UT.   Always the best time every year (this year it was even better) the Holy Bowly, an international gathering of creativity and flow where all disciplines and master enthusiasts of snowboarding come together as one, is for more and more riders simply where snowboarding’s heart now lives. This vid features Jamie, Forest, Bundy, Edgers, Reis, Warbs, Blake, Burtner, Kirby, Zebbe, Tucker and mandy mandy more.  Bring on Holy Bowly 4!!!!!

Categories | Alex Lopez, Blake Paul, Gus Warbington, Hunter Wood, Matt Edgers, Max Warbington