Transworld Snowboarding: Snow Craft Generations – Episode 2: Winterstick & Mervin Manufacturing

Winterstick and Mervin Manufacturing

They’re at it again! Yesterday, Transworld Snowboarding posted episode 2 of Snow Craft Generations and it’s another trip down memory lane filled with epic history and powdery slashes from some of snowboarding’s roots.

GNU founders, Pete Saari and Mike Olson are featured again in Episode 2 going over some of the progress and development it took to further enhance snowboard design. Then the video dives into the the story of Winterstick and its founder Dimitrije Milovich who was designing snowboards in the early days when it was known as “snow surfing” and “gravity travel”. Huh, gravity travel… sounds like something you might see up on Mt. Weird.

Click here to view episode one of Snow Craft Generations.

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