YoBeat Features Max Warbington in “Under The Influence”

Max Warbington Red Coat Profile Shot

In YoBeat’s latest Under The Influence article they interviewed 69Max420 (Instagram name) himself, Mr. Max Warbington. Needless to say, this is a good one and you should definitely give it a read.

“The most important aspect of snowboarding that someone can learn isn’t tricks, it’s board control. With board control comes an understanding of how you’re snowboard works. Watching Max Warbington’s part in Right Turn Left Turn it’s apparent that he is a master of board control. He lays into carves like no other, with every body movement having a purpose. To use the cliché, Max rides “well beyond his years.” I caught up with Max to chat about the influences of his riding as well as his experience filming for Right Turn Left Turn.” – The Catfish


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