Gold Metal Tech WINS GOLD at Nationals!

GNU girls and guys made the annual trip to the USASA Amateur Nationals and proved that they are all mountain shredders in every category. Congratulations to all the riders who rode hard all year, made it to Nationals, and had a blast riding with hundreds of kids at Copper Mt. Olympic Gold medalists Jamie Anderson and Kaitlyn Farrington have USASA Nationals titles on their resumes. The future is looking golden for GNU girls with podium placements by Noelle Edwards, Ayla Thidling, Mary Prantis, Isabella Gomez, Payton Bacca, and Anna Valentine. Isabella became the national overall champ in Breaker Girls. She shared the podium with Payton Bacca in pipe, both on their B-Pro boards, and placed 2nd in SBX on her B-Pro, the only girl in the top 8 NOT on a race board. Anna Valentine rode her B-Pro for the win in youth women’s pipe and Noelle Edwards won the Open class women’s pipe on her B-Pro! Ayla Thidling is a UK champ, but she spent some time training in CO this winter and competed in Open women’s pipe. She rode her Klassy board to 3rd place and shared the podium with Noelle. Top top it all off, Mary Prantis rode her Smart Pickle to the podium in youth women’s pipe (2nd), slope (3rd) and the Rail Jam (2nd).

Some GNU Girls Highlights

Breaker Girls OVERALL:
Isabella Gomez 1st

– Breaker Girls: GS (12-13)
Isabella Gomez 3rd
Breaker Girls: HP (12-13)
Isabella Gomez 2nd
Payton Bacca 3rd
Breaker Girls: Slalom (12-13)
Isabella Gomez 3rd
Breaker Girls: SBX (12-13)
Isabella Gomez 2nd (ONLY Girl in top 8 without a race board!) B-pro
Payton Bacca 5th

Youth Women:
– Halfpipe: (14-15)
Anna Valentine 1st
Mary Prantis 2nd
– Slopestyle: (14-15)
Mary Prantis 3rd
Anna Valentine 4th

Open Class Women: Halfpipe
Noelle Edwards 1st
Ayla Thidling 3rd
Rail Jam women 14 and over:
Mary Prantis 2nd

Menehune Girls OVERALL:
Lexi Simsovitz 1st

– Menehune Girls: GS (10-11)
Lexi Simsovitz 6th
Menehune Girls: HP (10-11)
Lexi Simsovitz 3rd
Menehune Girls: Slalom (10-11)
Lexi Simsovitz 5th
Menehune Girls: Slopestyle (10-11)
Lexi Simsovits 2nd
Menehune Girls: SBX (10-11)
Lexi Simsovits 3rd

The gold metal technology was lighting up Copper Mt. this week, congratulations to the many girls and guys who rode their best and had an unreal snowboarding adventure at Nationals!

Checkout more event info on the USASA website and on Transworld SNOWboarding.

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