Shorts and Shades 8 – Mt. Bachelor

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.29.40 AMIt’s the time when anything goes. The trick that was a ‘no-no‘ is now a ‘must-do‘, the kit is crucial and obvious. The resort is closing (or closed) and it’s time to produce. Keep the Kook factor at all time high, have fun with your friends and throw caution to the wind. Tre Squad has previously produced 7 spring mayhem edits under the title/attire synonymous to the best time you could possibly have –  Shorts and Shades. This spring was no expception. Featuring the production of Gnu’s Bend, Oregon locals Gus and Max Warbington. The only way to truly understand is to watch. *FYI – you’ll want a movie snack.

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