Unreal Snowboarding on the Big Screen

Want to see Unreal snowboarding in action?  Get a load of these guys and gals catching wreck on Mt. Weird from the cold hard streets to the parks to the bumps and all the way up to the peaks of the billy-est of billy goat lines.

This season’s coup of the snowboarding iconoclast starts with Snowboarder Mag’s “SFD” aka “Straight F’n Down!” featuring the asymmetrical Space Case himself Forest Bailey dropping hams from Japan to Jackson in a truly unruly Unreal effort. Joining Forest in The Mag’s second full release in that many years is the golden boy Blake Paul who’s Unreal style is on full display as he rifles through the heavy backcountry jump tricks on his Beast from Italy to Boston.

The revolution continues with Max Warbington bending reality with the weirdos over at Think Thank in “Methods of Prediction”. Every way conceived of riding a snowboard is on display here in Max’s part that takes you from Norwegian slush hips to Unreal skate inspired park benches to backcountry perfection and back redefining what it means to be a “well rounded” rider.

Full spectrum snowboarding is beautifully featured again in Absinthe’s latest opus “Eversince” featuring the smooth power of Mathieu Crepel (a european legend in his prime) on the Riders Choice, and underrated Canadian killer Scot Brown using his Magne-Traction® to tear down every kink and couloir in his path.

Billy Goat style master Temple Cummins achieves balance in the Balance movie featuring snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and the, wait for it….balance between the three.  Also featuring some Unreal Nicolas Muller Switzerland footage on the Riders Choice!

The Too Hard squad is at it again with Unreal swag and jib antics in streets and parks the world over and OMG is it going to be amaze! And OMG it’s called Too Hard “OMG”!  With Too Hard madame Danyale Patterson holding it down on the Gateway and new to the scene Unreal jibber Maria Thomsen pushing it real good there’s only one thing to say about this video, O-M-G.

Also check out Kaitlyn Farrington and Maria Debari’s Almost Famous Volcano tour and stay tuned for Jamie Anderson in Full Moon Films dropping on snowboardmag.com this winter!

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