We Drink Water’s ‘Mediocre Madness’ with Blake, Max, Gus, and A.LO

Not sure there is ever a better time spent than with your best buds. Hmm? Lets add a tree house with a bowl in the backyard, and 20 the BEST guys you know. Oh and uhhh, a week long, snowboard, skate, surf trip with free reign at Mt.Bachelor. And lets add a couple of the best filmers in the biz, a moped, a few mobile homes, a few beers, and a few fires. That could maybe start to paint a picture of the journey in search of guaranteed good times that We Drink Water, and all affiliated chased after… They called it Mediocre Madness.

As you could imagine they found it, and the proof is all at TWSnow.com! Blake Paul, Max and Gus Warbington, as well as Alex Lopez joined the We Drink Water team as principal producers of all that is good in board-sport-topia!

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