High Fives to Spring Slush Sessions and Unreal Deals!

GNU High Five Snowboards

Want to put a spring to your butter this Spring? Hit the road for some slush laps on the Unreal limited edition High Five series! These asymmetrical bad boys are top to bottom mountain approved, easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet ($250!) and oh, did we mention, they like to party! Choose from three bold graphics on a Smart Pickle chassis, or don’t choose and get all three! The “Eat It” is ready to rip So-Cal snow patches, Mammoth El Nino stashes or melting out park features on a weekend dash to the beach, screw it, stop at the skate park and go trifecta! Comes with an always open 1-800 help line printed right on the base! The “Legalized” is a high elevation shredder for an elevated state of mind. And now legal in every state, we did it! The “Go Nuts” is perfect for caffeine and sugar fueled shred missions from “back East” to “out West”. Save your money for gas and get this turbo boosted asymmetrical insanity, with sprinkles on top. How ya doin?!?!
Making a statement on the cheap, ripping the spring with style… High Five!


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