Michigan’s Unreal Contingent in “When it Happens”

It was a tough winter in the midwest, almost non-existent. But as they say, when the going get’s tough the tough get going! The Flannel Lifestyle crew got after it with little to no snow and put together a raw street shredding full video “When It Happens”. Gnu rider Dusty Miller starts it off on a Space Case with calm, stylish precision at some gnarly and interesting new midwest spots. Cave man board slide, a huge half cab nose press and a wild firecracker board slide are just a few of the bangers in there.

Jackie Lammert also came through with a full part in the flic. She takes a few slams but get’s back up with some heavy kink rails and Klassy transfers.

This video is further proof that snowboarding is different for everyone. Yes it’s untracked pow, a perfect halfpipe or fresh groomer, but it’s also street missions with your friends, using team work to conquer weird spots, taking the slams and pushing through until the moment “When it Happens”. Check out Dusty and Jackie  do their thing with the cards mother nature dealt.

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