Too Hard Brings the Heat with Summer Sauce!

Danyale Patterson is the director of the Too Hard Empire and she runs the show, behind the camera and in front of it, with Unreal style. All summer Danyale and Maria Thomsen have been pouring on the Summer Sauce with their Hard Candy boards at Camp of Champs and High Cascade. Anyone in the business of making snowboard movies can attest, the park features aren’t the only challenges to overcome. It’s hard to connect cameras with people who know what to do with them, snow and features with riders that know what to do with them, and get the support needed to eat, drink, sleep, and shred. Danyale and her crew always bring the heat, making their own rules, and melting any and all obstacles along the way. Check out Summer Sauce. Share it and celebrate #unrealsnowboarding with your friends!

Categories | Danyale Patterson, Maria Thomsen