Catching up with Jamie Anderson before Full Moon Film premiere – Tonight 9/19 in SEA

The Full Moon September 16, 2016 coincided with the Full Moon Film world premier in Whistler on September 16th. It is just one example of the universe aligning to help this all girls film project come to life. Although there was a lot of thoughtful planning that went into every aspect of this film, the collective enthusiasm and optimism of the group made shit happen. The crew behind Full Moon was all in for two years, committed to filming, promoting, and generating sponsorship support for this project. The wallets in our industry don’t snap open at every film proposal, and even less so for the women’s only projects. That’s a fact. These ladies have combined their years of experience as riders, and influential brand ambassadors leading the charge in a progressive women’s snowboarding movement as professionals in every way. They are talented designers, and promoters of product, brands, and their own images. Full Moon honors the past, present, and future of women’s snowboarding in a timeless way, opening up a world of possibilities for the future of women’s snowboarding without eclipsing the past. Thank you Full Moon!

Jamie Anderson topped off each of the last two successful competition seasons with trips to AK to film with Full Moon. She took herself out of her comfort zone and entered a world far from the predictable consistency of resorts and parks. She shows her strength and adaptability as a freerider on a much bigger scale, and brings her unreal magic to the Full Moon Film.

Barrett Christy: What do you find yourself doing during the full moon every month. Any rituals?

JA: Haha, I definitely like to celebrate the full moon! It’s a time of high energy and endurance… I typically just try to do something awesome and memorable wherever I am! Last full moon I was in Tahoe out on the water taking in the majestic view!

Barrett: Jamie, you’ve grown up in this digital age and your snowboarding has been well documented through live streaming events on the global stage, and insta-edits and webisodes being available almost instantaneously. How was it working on a 2 year film project for Full Moon? Did that timeline offer any unique opportunities to show your snowboarding in a different light?

JA: Goodness, I can remember Leanne Pelosi talking About a women’s film for years, and I always told her I’m 110% on board! When the time finally came I was so thankful but also juggling a super busy contest tour… Last year was by far the craziest season I’ve experienced, traveling around the world for events and finding pow in between…! And getting to spend the end of the season in Alaska was life changing… I hope to be spending the spring in AK the rest of my life! That was for sure the most unique opportunity for me. I’ve dreamed of Alaska for so long and it’s just so humbling to have had the experience to explore those mountains with a group of powerful women!

Barrett: Tell us about your two trips to AK with the girls? How were they different… was the second trip much easier to handle than the first? Was it hard to adjust to that style of riding and the massive scale of the mountains?

JA:My first season in AK was epic… We had a smaller crew and the conditions were all time… This year was a little different, we had two full crews and the conditions were not super solid, a couple scares with avalanches, which really affected me… But I learned a lot and had some of the most epic moments! I felt a bit more comfortable, but still scared as fu**!  It’s crazy how crazy it feels up there… Constantly on point being as mindful as possible in every moment! I can’t wait to go back and hopefully feel even stronger and less scared!

Barrett: Did you feel like the pressure of competing at X Games, Olympics, and all the major events helped you with the pressure of filming a part on bigger lines in AK?

JA:No way!!! Haha such a different pressure, the big Mountain pressure I really like! Makes me feel like dropping into X games or the Olympics is mellow!! Haha not totally mellow but just so different. When I’m riding in Alaska and have the freedom to choose my line and where to get dropped it’s so liberating because I feel it’s 110% for me! Not for judges or a score, yeah the camera is there but…. It’s just what feels good and what I’m going to be stoked on for my true self!

Barrett: I know your success in the competitive arena has been earned through your own approach to training and riding. You haven’t been too active with teams and coaches, you seem to know what you need to do to win… and how to get there. Filming with Full Moon seems like it was a team approach with a solid crew of ladies who are all committed to freeriding and filming. What did you learn from the Full Moon crew and what did you teach them?

JA: Oh yeah… I’m definitely more of an individual soul shredder, but riding with the girls was cool. Yeah, crew based but you have to have people you trust! I wouldn’t go or in the backcountry with someone I don’t know or trust… It’s super important to have a solid team around you. I’m still new to all of this and I’m such a baby at times, but the girls have my back! I really liked riding with Robin and Hana… Helen charges and I’m always so impressed with her, but goodness some of the lines and spots I got myself on top of…I just wanted to hike back down!! Haha but I persevered and rode some stuff I’m stoked on… But definitely wanting more lines and shots and natural hits in the future!! Just been mind surfing a lot 🙂

Barrett: The Movie is providing great insight into Women’s snowboarding, the past, present, and future influences. I’m really honored to be part of the “past” that they highlight, and I’m still inspired every day by riders like yourself and the younger girls that you are directly influencing. You are one of the few riders (male or female) that I can think of who have been on top of the game for such a solid run… winning X Games medals since you were 12? Can you share your past, present, and future influences that have inspired your success?

JA:Goodness gracias! I have been around for quite some time…I won my first medal at the X games when I was 15. Janna Meyen won and Hana Beaman got 2nd. I was always inspired by all the women shredders growing up, Barrett, Tara, Janna… I never thought I’d be on top of the game like they were… I had a poster of Tara Dakides and I saw it every night before falling asleep… I can remember just obsessing on everything she did!

But for myself it was about being present and giving thanks… Settings goals for the future and trying to not attach to them… And being thankful for the past but not hanging onto it forever! We are Infinite beings and this time being a pro shredder is already flying by! I just want to embrace the gifts I have, inspire the youth, remember where I came from and set a good example for the next generation… We are so blessed to do what we love and follow the mountains all over the planet! It’s truly a gift and I am forever grateful! Thankful for the women riders of the past and the next generation to keep this epic adventure alive!

Barrett: How did your equipment in AK compare to your every day park slayer pro model? Was the Ladies Choice still your choice on bigger mountains and natural features?

JA: I was blown away with how much fun I had on my ladies choice in Alaska!! I went up to a 151.5 and I was a little unsure how it would ride on big mountains, but it charged! It feels really good to know I have a board I can truly ride in all kinds of terrain… From the park to big mountains the Ladies Choice is a charging board for everyone!!

Barrett: What premiers will you be attending? Where can we follow your adventures?

JA: Whistler, followed by the Seattle one… Then Tofino, Tahoe, SoCal, possibly Europe! I’ll keep y’all dialed on the social world! Much love and thanks to everyone for supporting something that is so precious to us! Excited to share Full Moon!!

If you are in the Seattle area this evening  9/19, swing through EVO Seattle – Full schedule below! 

Premiere Schedule:
September 16 – Whistler World Premiere @ Millennium
September 19 – Evo Seattle
September 20 – Evo Portland
Click here for full NA and EU premiere schedule!

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