Nicolas Müller plays with gravity in #LAAXisNiceYO

We all share a deep connection to the mountain we call home. Familiar faces and runs, favorite lodge meals and finicky chairlifts. Collectively they build the positive connotations that coupled with some snow fall lead to unforgettable days on hill. Get ready to get giddy. You are going to want to go snowboarding. Nicolas Müller accounts for all that he loves at LAAX, his home mountain.

“Snowboarding is probably the coolest way to play with gravity” – Nicolas Müller


Watch Nicolas on his pro model, the Müllair make side hits, pat downs, berms, and groomers look unreal with the thought and precision he effortlessly puts into every movement. Some of the fluidity comes with his knowledge of the terrain, just as we all have at our home mountain, but you can’t forget this is the same guy that hangs sky-high methods, nose butters field lengths, and drops heavy AK spine lines all winter long. He’s a freestyle/freeride sensei at his home dojo. 

Have a look at Nicolas on the Müllair in #LAAXisNiceYo Chapter 2 In the Moment / Nicolas Müller 

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