The results are in. Gnu is Good Wood.


What does your dream day on hill look like? Is it hiking the down rail in the park? Blasting the big jump? Arching a turn with white wave off your heel-side up and overhead? High speed groomer assault? With confidence, and now the testimonial of Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood test 2017 we can confirm we have the dream board to compliment your dream day. Some brand new to Gnu and some more familiar, all hailed the best in class under the rigorous test constraints of TWSnow Good Wood Park and All Mountain.

Eco Choice by Nicolas Müller: The relationship between Gnu and Nicolas is easily understood. Nicolas has affinity for deep days all over the beautiful mountainous landscapes of the world, and protecting them. Mother Earth creates an unreal arena to hang methods and burry the nose of his board for end zone to end zone butters. There’s only one way to sustain its beauty. Take care of it. The Eco processes in place to produce Nicolas’ dream board at the World’s Most EnvironMENTAL Board factory ensure maximum performance, minimum impact on Earth. Müller ridden, Transworld Snowboarding approved, ZERO hazardous waste created.

Klassy by Kaitlyn Farrington: Kaitlyn Farrington took life’s lemons and squeezed them into some damn good lemonade . Her resilience and her riding are second to none. With the smile that has a permanent residence on her face, Kaitlyn worked tirelessly with Gnu’s builders to create a snowboard tailored to hard carving, pow floating day dreams, capable of keeping up in any conditions. Her dreams have been realized with the Klassy’s Directional shape, designed with deep days in mind, and XC2 contour ensuring snappy freestyle fun and guaranteed for good days on hill. Thanks for bringing some class to this years Good Wood test Kaitlyn with your Klassy.  XO <3


Head Space by Forest Bailey: Before the development of this board, few were able to achieve the deep level of snow understanding that Forest Bailey has. With this soft-flexing C3 camber piece of contemporary art, Gnu is  finally closer to taking you into Forest Bailey’s Headspace. Featuring Forest’s preferred contours, anatomically intuitive Asymmetry onboard, and his masterpiece between your feet, we’ll take you there. With all of Forest’s He(art) and snow knowledge built in, this dream board is all-terrain, all-time.

Ladies Choice by Jamie Anderson: A podium local, and beyond to the freeride frontiers of AK and interior British Columbia, the Ladies Choice is as well-versed in all terrain as the rider who’s advanced geometries its bares. Humbly slay any terrain that lays in front of you, keeping in mind Jamie’s ethos – “Do what you love. Love what you do.” Achieve supreme Balance through asymmetry and plenty of gold medal days on the Ladies Choice by Jamie Anderson. This one is undeniably a winner.

20160404_taho_anderson_0041 1617-gnu-ladies-choice

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