Some Paintings by Forest Bailey – PDX & SEA Galleries live NOW!

Snow and skate master practitioner and long time Gnu team rider Forest Bailey is inviting us in to experience a new chapter of his creative journey, visual art. Paintings to be exact, Some Paintings by Forest Bailey.  See the video about his experience so far, how it plays in to his love for snowboarding and what headspace he’s in going into another Unreal winter.

The art form that is expressed in riding a snowboard is unique and is yours. Regardless of your discipline, ability, stance, snowpack, crew or geographic locations you have the ability to make the experience entirely your own. In fact it is the culmination of these variables, how they are added, subtracted, and interpreted, that create the addicting good times we collect snow seeking.
For some snowboarding comes naturally, for others it takes some slams, but for all practice is required to really fine tune, excel, and eventually ride to your potential. Forest Bailey, since forever, has let his passion drive his endeavors, creating moments of true beauty in snowboarding that will live in our minds forever. His prowess is second to none, and his heart shines through every instance he’s strapped in.

Forest’s bold maneuvers on metal and concrete and his visually pleasing airborne aesthetic carry over seamlessly to his art ringing the bell of our visual cortex, sending a hot shot of dopamine swirling through our neural pathways. Human emotion, symmetry, bold lines, hard angles, soft colors on canvas and many media comprise the work of Forest Bailey. With time off his snowboard, in part due to injury put no strain on Forest’s ability to produce. Forest has channelled his creative energy  to producing works on canvas, masonite, and glass. On top of honing on the fine detail within his always evolving artistic portfolio, Forest has launched a brand, Frontside Backside Limited, that serves as a vessel for the visuals that surface in his mind.

For the first time ever Forest Bailey’s original work is featured on his own soft-flexing C3 camber, Good Wood Winner, the HeadSpace. This occasion serves as perfect platform to launch the collection of his art. We partnered with the Evo retail spaces in Portland and Seattle, utilizing their galleries to showcase Some Paintings by Forest Bailey – a collection of sculptures, and paintings on mirrors, doors, canvas, and more.

The evenings brought together friends, fans, and enthusiasts to see Forest’s addition to snowboarding and to culture. If you were able to attend, thank you, If wanted to attend, thank you. Thank you Evo, PBR, Chris, Kevin, Stu, Josh, Jon, Bish, Burtner, Stanny, Zimm, Emily, FSBS Limited, and Forest Bailey.  May we draw good lines no matter where this winter takes us!
Both galleries are still live. Portland until 11/1 Seattle until 11/15.

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