You Have the Choice. Be Eco-Unreal.


The relationship between Gnu and Eco-Unrealists, Nicolas Müller and Jamie Anderson, are easily understood. Both have an affinity for deep days all over the beautiful mountainous landscapes of the world, and protecting them. Mother Earth creates an unreal arena to hang methods in the backcountry, and boost podium topping trickery in the most advanced freestyle parks. There’s only one way to sustain its beauty, and maintian its terrain. Take care of it.

EcoUNREAL Manufacturing in place to produce Nicolas and Jamie’s dream boards at the World’s Most EnvironMENTAL Board factory ensure maximum performance and minimum impact on Earth. 

Eco Processes – Eco Sublimation and Bio Solvents used to print graphics. 

Eco Materials – Low VOC expoy resin, FSC certified wood cores, UHMW sidewall/ tip material used to build. 

Recycling – On site wood dust to soil repurposing, plastic & wood recycling. 


Eco Choice by Nicolas Müller

Eco Choice by Nicolas Müller


Eco Choice by Jamie Anderson

With geometries inspired by the Riders and Ladies Choice, their Eco counterparts come equipped with an even greater environmental awareness. Nicolas’ TWSnow Good Wood winning Eco Choice, or Jamie’s freestyle dominating Eco Choice, use non-petroleum based bio-plastics made from castor beans, and recycled UHMW sidewalls. But whatever Gnu is you, every board in the line is hand built in the USA at Mervin Manufacturing with wind and water generated power. ZERO hazardous waste.

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