Talkin’ $cratch with Jay Howell


Time to pop the bubbly!

We are celebrating the release of the soft flexing, EC2, economic, ecoUnreal, Money !  We talked to the the man behind the Money, assuming the responsibility for contributions to obscurity/absurdity/humor through illustration. Jay Howell is a creator of the eccentric that plucks the strings of immaturity, leaving your mind in the gutter and a smile on your face. His repertoire extends from the skate world into pop culture through children’s television into mature content and back to Gnu. Jay is well-known for his illustration on the TV show Bob’s Burger’s, but recent collaborations include work with Creature Skateboards, Vans, Playboy, and Nickelodeon TV show Sanjay and Craig.

Caught up with Jay in his hood to talk Money… Here’s his 2 ¢ents.

Gnu Q1: What did you think you’d be when you grew up? 

JH: A cartoonist like Jim Davis or Gary Larson or Shel Silverstein.

Gnu Q2:  What Cartoonists inspire/ed your style? 

JH: Shel Silverstein, Jim Davis, Gary Larson, Tove Johansson and Jack Kirby.

Gnu Q3: Your portfolio feels endless… Vans, Creature, Playboy, as well as your work on Bobs burgers and Sanjay and Craig… What’s next?

JH: I’m working at Paramount on an animated kids movie right now, it’s really fun. I’m continuing my work with Vans and Creature too.

Gnu Q4: Street dog… tell us about him and did he make an appearance on the graphic?

JH: He’s in most of my drawings, i’m obsessed with him.

Gnu Q5: What’s a day in the life for Jay? Where do you live? Where is you coffee shop / local dive?

JH: I work every day. I live inn EagleRock I love the Coffee Bean and I drink cold beer at my house because I have a kegerator.

Gnu Q6: You produce so much. What drives you? What gets you up in the morning?

JH: Coffee. I drink so much iced coffee… and Street Dog will not let me sleep in ever because he’s a spazz.

Gnu Q7: Who are your influences? 

JH: Busy people

Gnu Q8: Jay Howell. I you rock out during drawing, listen to podcasts or enjoy the ebb and flow of the California waves? 

JH: I watch TV, drink beer and whiskey. I watch like 20 shows.

Gnu Q9: Money…what does it mean to you?

JH: You can always try and make more. Don’t forget to spend it and have fun.

Gnu Q10: Breakfest/ Lunch / Dinner?  

JH: I love dinner, I cook all the time and go out wayyyyy too much 🙂

See more of Jay’s work at his BLOG here!

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