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Make your money go a little longer…We welcome the economical, ecoUnreal  Money at $$$349.95 to the Gnu line!

Handbuilt in the USA at the world’s most environmental board factory, the Money is worth its weight in gold, for a fraction of the scratch. Brand-new to the line, brand-new price point, this EC2  Soft-flexing, freestyle dream board, embodies its name. This terrain park party standout is money. 

A cluster of characters and one wily rat curated by illustrator of unreal oddity, Jay Howell @punksgitcut . The more you see his work the more you’ll want to look down at this board. Jay is a creator of the eccentric that plucks the strings of immaturity, leaving your mind in the gutter and a smile on your face. Jay’s addition to culture stretches across all ages and interests. Most commonly pegged as the illustrator of the TV show Bob’s Burgers, his work can be seen in a recent collaborations with Playboy, Creature skateboards, Vans, and the Nickelodeon show Sanjay and Craig.

For more of Jay Howell’s recent work, check out his blog here!

To get your hands on the Money head to an authorized Unreal retailer!

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