2017’s East Coast’s Holy Grail – LAST CALL 17

Known most sincerely by locals and those that know, being selected as the overall winner of Loon Mountain and Eastern Boarder’s Last Call is a big deal. An achievement of stardom that immediately places you among the snowboard ranks of Pat Moore, Chris Grenier, Chaz Guldemond, and Colleen Quigley.

17 years running, Last Call has always featured a creative monstrosity of a park build that includes 3 sections; a couple big jump options, a perfectly chiseled hip or quaterpipe, and a mess of rails. It is up to each competitor as to how she/he is to use the thousands of park laps she/he amassed over the past 5 months, boil off the sketchy, keep it tight, and not blow out. The one that can reel it in, keep it together, and not let the hiking beers or the mid-day chili dogs sog their style is crowned royalty; the overall winner of Last Call. Every year and on every section there are go-hards and blow-hards. Aside from the anomaly Timmy  Sullivan legendary hip clearance (blow-hard/go-hard moment) the two are usually easily identified and mutually exclusive . But to be named victor all it takes is one day of glory.

A fruitful East Coast winter on the whole, left a solid base. ‘Solid’ being key word. A classic Northeast  freeze-thaw-freeze left the landings firm. It was perfect, kept the kooks out, not for those weak at the knees.

Photos by Ashely Rosemeyer @thrashley_photo

All day trains of snowboarding excellence by locals Bar Dadon, Nate Carroll, Ralph Kucharek, Cooper Whittier, Zac Normandin, Anna Valentine, and Lily Calabreze . With talent transcending their local resort, they all had some skin in the game, showing out at Eastern Boarder & Loon Moutain’s 17th Last Call.
Congratulations to Danny Garrity on winning his 2nd Last Call!

Thank you Brian Norton, Jay Scambio, Jay Minassian, EB Bub, Loon Parks Staff, Ashley Rosemeyer,  and Evan Ricker.

Snowboarding is very much alive on the East Coast.

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