Rogue Wave ~~ The Big Wave Challenge

Bend dwellers, father/son/snowboard duo, Gerry and Alex Lopez collab’d on another spring line luau.  All contestants’ creativity and mechanics were called upon to deliver a polished ensemble of trickery. The winner exemplified power, style, flow, and fun on what felt like the longest wave you’d ever ridden.

Carefully maneuvering the frozen faces, smacking, slashing, and carving the lips or sporadically flying by the seat of your pants – there was a place for all interpretations of Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge @ Mt. Bachelor. In all the improv there were clearly a few that did it best. Feast your eyes on the good vibes! SPOILER ALERT — Max Warbington and Colleen Quigley immediately went shopping for sun screen after the event 🙂

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