Free Spirit: Jamie Anderson is Living the Dream

The GNU Free Spirit is all of us. It’s true Gnu, with unreal confidence, style and personality. A Free Spirit is tough to define, it’s constantly evolving and progressing and living for the moment. Free Spirits make adventure a priority, pursuing lifelong dreams and spur of the moment inspirations with passion and an open mind. As snowboarders we are born from a group of outsiders and outcasts. Some of us still are, while others are mainstream, household names with social media gold status. We all share a common spirit, that is based on acceptance, tolerance, individuality, and the freedom to live for the moment. Capturing a moment in time with a Free Spirit is a challenge worth pursuing, but an almost impossible task We are going to be documenting throughout the season some of the Free Spirits who make our Gnu girls program so Unreal. These riders, artists, activists, anarchists, and adventurers are all Free Spirits and they inspire GNU, we hope they inspire you too. But if you are more entertained than inspired, that’s ok too, they are Free Spirits and they probably don’t give a F*&%k what you think, they will keep moving forward, through gullies, with cool hair blowing in the wind, on the Unreal adventure that is life.

We were grateful to sit down with Jamie to understand the characteristics and practices essential to her being:

Jamie Anderson’s Free Spirit 5s 

5 tips to prepare for winter 

  • Get grounded
  • Eat clean
  • Yoga
  • Self care
  • Dry land training ( slack line, core work, MTN biking, skating)

5 things we don’t know about you 

  • I’m a Virgo
  • I’m one of 8 kids
  • I eat a plant based diet and organic milk for protein
  • I love Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine & practice in my own life
  • I love giving back in any way and running my charity ” the Jamie Anderson foundation” to give kids a chance to get connected to sports and nature …

5 things you bring on the road with you

  • Essential oils – Frankincense, ylang ylang, on guard
  • Superfoods – goji, chia, hemp, tonic alchemy
  • Beats by Dre speaker
  • Tea
  • Chinese herbs

5 tips to find your balance

  • Slack-lining 😉
  • Practicing yin/yang (balance of both dualities )
  • Pranayama breath work
  • Gratitude
  • Journaling

5 dreams that you’ve lived. (since you are “living the dream”!) 

  • Traveling the world
  • Snowboarding most of the year & winning almost every major event
  • Having the Freedom to explore and live my life to the fullest
  • Shredding Alaska spines
  • Living in Canada


Check out Jamie’s dream boards for this season:

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