Gully Quest

Through the thick of dense trees, above the crowded cutouts of trails with names like “Deer Run” and “Mitzi’s”, below the moist fog layer, lays dreamy stretches of unreal terrain. If you’re smart a local steered you in the right direction, if you’re lucky you stumbled upon it all yourself. The untracked meandering transition winds around the old growth building walls, bumps, and berms to be enjoyed at any speed or amplitude. It’s easy to eyeball endless lines of excitement, humbling to understand that mother earth had the only hand in creating this playground tucked away in the

You found it. Set out on #GullyQuest, and returned with an unreal Snowboard score! Flowing terrain fun time with friends. Enjoy.
Whether in active pursuit of a good gully or not, here at GNU we are always on the hunt… A cliff? A big jump? A gnarly street spot, F’ em. If got a gully you’d better get some.

…MMMedia amassed a small library of the gullies gotten to by GNU. Snoqualmie to Saas Fee, across all the different types of terrain, there’s really nothing like a good Gully. Let the Unreal Snowboarding of Forest Bailey, Nicolas Müller, Blake Paul, Temple Cummins, Max Warbington, Alex Lopez, Gus Warbington, Kaitlyn Farrington, and Jacob Krugmire inspire the sense of adventure leading you carefully off the groomer into a gully of opportunity!

Boards from Gully Quest:

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