Free Spirit: Stunt Puppy Abs w/ Jackie Lammert

The Sweetest Early Release to date is a release perfectly timed and unapologetically proud. Mervin Mfg. is a company that has always supported women in snowboarding without following the trend to simply “shrink it and pink it” when it comes to product development. We make boards for snowboarders, the snow doesn’t know what’s between your legs, and we don’t discriminate. We design, build and ride snowboards for the same reasons, and we try to accommodate the needs of our men and women riders with boards designed to make us all have more fun and be better snowboarders. Gnu has built up an extensive women’s line for all ability levels and riding styles that began with our top team rider being a girl in the 80s. In the 90’s we proudly claimed that “our best rider is a girl” in our marketing campaign. In the 2000s we supported our groms front and center as they grew into gold medalists, and today we continue to flex… because we can. Our design inspiration comes from our Girls team of World Champs, X Games and Olympic Champs, artists, influencers, freeriders, and spirit boarders and free spirits.

Jackie Lammert is an unreal snowboarder with unreal abs that could easily be eco sublimated on our snowboard graphics. But Jackie is tired of the way women are often portrayed in media and she is excited to give the boys an equal opportunity to show off their bodies on the Stunt Puppy. She shares with us a few tips for achieving her unreal stunts and unreal physique 😉

GNU: If your stage name was the combo of your favorite candy and name of your favorite puppy, what would it be?

Jackie: Toblerone Bode. Toblerone has been a favorite of mine for a long time. When I was a kid I saved all of the little triangle boxes and I always said that when I was older, I’d make a whole room in my house has textured Toblerone walls. It was a bit excessive haha. Bode is the name of my doggo.

GNU: Give us a quick rundown of your fitness program?  Is every day a core day?

Jackie: Haha, my fitness program is always changing. This time of year it’s a lot of incorporating balance in with some heavier lifting. I have a B.S. in management of health and fitness so I’m a huge nerd in this department. Truth be told I don’t train core alone that often, but the boiiis on the stunt puppy definitely do😘

GNU: What fitness tips would you give our Stunt Puppy models?

Jackie: Don’t forget to train legs (ya can’t forget about the booty)

GNU: What do you think of lower back tats on dudes?

Jackie: Haha if you got it, flaunt it? Or you know… there are tattoo removal places too. Whatever you’re into😏

GNU: #vanlife plans this season?  Where will it take you?

Jackie: We plan to be done building out the van at the end of November. Then we’re off to SLC, where we’ll be based for most of the winter. Lots of trips planned already! Mammoth a couple of times, probably some trips home to Michigan to film with stops in Minnesota. We’re keeping a pretty open schedule and we’re pretty much down to go anywhere.

GNU: Menu plans for the Van life?  What was your favorite High Cascade Snowboard Camp menu item?

Jackie: The van menu will be pretty awesome I think. Dust and I both really love to cook, so we have a kitchen in the van with a fridge, freezer, stove, rice cooker, blender and a bunch of other stuff to make cooking in there a dream. We also left some room in the front of the van for a training/ stretching/ foam rolling area. Favorite HCSC K-UNIT thing was definitely Asian night. I loved the curry and the phó that Dubs used to make.

GNU: What stunts are you hoping to achieve this winter?

Jackie: Well typically my eyes are a little bigger than my stomach in this department, so there are quite a few. Honestly, though, learning tricks is awesome, but my main goal is to film a part where I actually get to film most all of the tricks I can do in the park.

Stay fit, Live life full, have fun <3


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