It’s kind of like seeing your best friend for the first time in a while. From a distance defined by the World Wide Web, you know the art is going well, the friendships and travel look dreamy… you know he’s doing good, but how is he really doing? Seamus Foster skips the surface Level How are you? Whats New? and digs deep into the love and passion of Forest Bailey. Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Art, and Friendship. In the first installment of the reoccurring good times by Bailey, Forest mounts a Space Case, grabs a skate, his paint pens, and a good attitude, links up with Jamie Lynn and roams Europe footloose and fancy-free soaking up the sounds, landscape, and people in FSBS 1.

The guy is full of ideas. He’d be the first to tell you perhaps too many. When his heart and his mind sync up with one, the execution is a thing of beauty. You’ve seen his art, in snowboarding, on a canvas, on a snowboard – it’s moving. Wait until you see his art moving…

Forest Bailey in COOL_HAIR

Forest Bailey in Gully Quest

Forest’s Goodies 🙂

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