ASYM the Movie

Inside the human body exists differences at a molecular level, that when strewn together lay the foundation for our genetic make up. Our differences give rise to the beauty we see in the world.

As human beings we coexist, sharing similar feelings and experiences but no two are exactly the same, and neither are we. We are unique and that’s what makes this world interesting.

Here at GNU we embrace the differences that exist innately in all humans and bring them together to inspire the unreal. In a harmonious convergence, the Gnu crew finds balance through ASYM, a mmmedia film by Sean Lucey. Featuring Forest Bailey, Blake Paul, Max and Gus Warbington, Alex Lopez, Jacob Krugmire and Max Tokunaga. #BalanceThroughAsymmetry

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18/19 GNU Men’s line
18/19 GNU Women’s line
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