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It’s hard to explain. It’s hard to capture… a possible Big Foot sighting, the feeling when you see/hear your favorite band play, a piece of inanimate art that speaks to you. It’s all unreal. Unreality has an allure because of its unique and intangible nature. You’ve never had an experience quite like it.

We love that feeling, so a few months back we aligned the beacons of Unreal Snowboarding in an effort to harness it’s magic. By giving our photographer a camera, his sole purpose was to capture the unreality of the GNU crew. It forced him to mount a new lens… one you can’t order on B&H, and you’d best believe it had no filter either. #Zimstagram was sent on a vision quest to capture the GNU soul. To cite the findings of investigative reporter Matilda from the Hollywood movie Zoolander, Aboriginals believe that a photo captures a piece of the soul, so we’ve deduced Zim must have done a great job with the GNUbians.

Zim shacked up with the GNU crew in the Snoqulamie forest for a few days , and like an anthropologic fly on the wall breathed it all in… ALL OF IT, even the funky stuff. The result was camaraderie, ingenuity in trickery, meal craftsmanship, board talk, coffee talk, rollup technique, inside jokes, and inspiration. You’ll see, below there’s a photo for all of it.

Easy to show you in ASYM(link to ASYM Movie blog) , but difficult to put words. Perhaps the french said it best. je ne sais quoi – an unidentifiable quality, something you can’t quite put your finger on, that’s what the GNUbians embody. It is as if when they get together a gravitational pull is created that makes your eye balls generally go up, jaw usually drops, there’s an audible “woah”, mouth retracts, then your cheeks raise and before you know it euphoria sets in.

Our findings:

In the company of GNUbians, an outsider is likely to be enveloped by an environment of eccentric good times, thus increasing likelihood of contracting a highly contagious care-free-thinking, all-inclusive, all-time altered behavior, comprising a phenomenon we have rightfully named UNREAL.

Perhaps you’re already familiar. If not, we encourage you to have a look. The outcome can be rather intoxicating 🙂

See the GNUbians in ASYM

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