FLORG – Forest Bailey Skateboards too

For the layperson, snowboard season lasts 5 months total. If you know a lil’ more, you may
say it lasts 9 including some summer glacier boarding. And if you are matter-of-fact (and annoying) you’ll say technically you can snowboard all year! We are not here to tell you that Santa Clause isn’t real, we’ll just say that even your favorite snowboarders need a break.

Oh, what to do, what to do!?!? Free time pops up and some go south for swell, some up in the gym, some go to school, and some stack $$$ to ensure they can live their best winter all over again.

While the moments you may remember Forest Bailey can be seen on screen, Forest’s passion, persistence, and creative vision comes to life behind the scenes. Forest is addicted to the process. Like a sponge he soaks up culture and applies himself with unbeatable force to all that catches his eye. The warmer months serve as an incubator for the eggs of unreality that Forest’s lays on us every winter.

If we are talking boarding, Bailey’s reputation precedes himself… Prior to this point, his dedication to the skating had not been seen at the level we associate his snowboarding and art with. Keeping FSBS production train on the tracks, Forest snagged master lensmen Seamus Foster for his brilliant eye, hit the streets of PDX and NYC and made magic.

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