“Lower” – DUSTBOX @BoneZoneBrighton

Maybe we’re tripping over here… Don’t think so though. The Dustbox continues to penetrate the minds of the young and old. Their bright young brains, only clouded by the vision of prosperity climbing to the top of culture’s influence, snowboarding’s stardom, and Utah’s highest low paying jobs. But don’t get it twisted, this group of Bone Zone boarding laureates have the future in mind, building a media empire and online store with unique graphics, song selections, and creme de la creme of snowboarding. Cooper, Robby, Cody and the crew roll around with an element of raw, individual styles entirely their own, and a WTF?! factor. The Dustbox is dope, and we’re addicted. While we are waiting for a re-up here’s a hit from the boys “Lower” filmed in a couple minutes at October’s very own snowboard mecca, The Bone Zone.

Lower Dustbox at Bonezone Brighton
Categories | Cooper Whittier, Robby Meehan