Trust Temple Cummins

Fearless pioneer of the freeride unreal, Temple Cummins turns 20 years pro (model) this winter! While he is a preceded by legend status backed by 4x LBS gold duct tape, known for his agility and aggressive Freeride/freestyle at Mt. Baker and all the films / mags as well, the snowboard savagery is sustained as long as there is a low-pressure system and 0-degree temps. The Billy Goat’s uncanny ability travel any new terrain with tactical precision is unreal. So keep sipping from the Slurpee fountain of youth… Whatever the speed cream you apply to your race board must be the same as the anti-aging serum you soak in before heading to check the Strait pounding surf, must be the same juice you use on the coping for that dipped BS Smith grind, must be the same sauce you use to season that fabulous Fettuccini you chef’d up for Barrett, Cannon and Ayla, and is no doubt the same one-a-day supplement that keeps you weightlessly floating through Cascade crete of the Northwest’s marine snowpack AND WE ALL WANT SOME. Trust Temple Cummins. We hope you are reading this from the Trophy Room as our industry tries follow but they will never be able to quite keep up with the Billy G.O.A.T.

To commemorate the double decade pro board MMMedia’s Tim Stanford put together this intro/retrospective look at Temple and what makes him tick. Filmed in and around the Olympic Peninsula and Mt. Baker with guest appearances by Alex Lopez, Jason Robinson, Wes Makepeace and more “Trust Temple Cummins” tries to capture the undefinable magic of one snowboarding’s most illusive heroes.

Pics by Tim Zimmerman unless otherwise marked:

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