The House Visits Gnu

Gnow who made your Gnu! Our long time retail partner The House Outdoor Gear visited back in November to pick our collective brains about what makes this place tick. What came out of this is a fun and informative YouTube series that covers everything from building a board to the history of the Mervin name. Nerd out on some Mervin Mfg. details…it’s all true, we have our own way of building, our own way of being and we love it! Thanks to Matt Guf and the entire House crew.

Building a board at Mervin Mfg. with Julian, Crispin, Dante and crew.

Home to Lib Tech, GNU, Bent Metal, and Roxy, Mervin Manufacturing produces some of the finest products in Snowboarding, Skiing, Surfing, and Skateboarding all while being built here in the US at the world’s most environmental factory. Take a glimpse inside the factory and find out what makes theses boards so special!

Mike Olson on TNT:

Mervin MFG (Lib Tech, GNU, Roxy) is known for making some of the best snowboards in the world. Their TNT bases are stuff of legends. Guf sat down to chat with co-founder of Mervin MFG, Mike Olson, and got the full story about their famous bases. Shout out Chippewa Falls.

Mike Olson tells the story behind the name Mervin

What’s in a name? Mike Olson from Mervin has a very creative mind. This is the story of the creation of the company itself and how the name came about. Go out and chase your dreams, you never know if you’re going to start one of the biggest snowboard companies in the world. Trust Mervin MFG.

Steven Cobb get’s technical with Magne-Traction®

Mervin mad scientist Steven Cobb walks us through the history and technology behind Mervin’s Magne-Traction featured on most Mervin (Lib Tech, GNU, Roxy) snowboards.

Barrett Christy Cummins talks about her historical run of Gnu pro models

We sat down with GNU rider/Olympian/Mervin-lifer, Barrett Christy, to chat. We touch on her first Lib Tech, her first pro model, and her current model, the B-Pro.

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