Bill Goats Season Edit

Bill Goats is a legend. Rumor has it he can hike the Arm in 6 minutes, drink a beer in 6 seconds and has 6 secret spots at every resort this side of the Mississippi. I heard Bill Goats rode the Womb from the womb and can strap in on the chair without moving. It’s a fact that he built his own damn board and still managed to self power a trifecta before cooking the crew a grass fed dinner on a harvest moon. Bill Goats is 20 feet tall, rides board gigantic and reads terrain off of topical maps by candlelight in a cabin that sits at the perfect centroid of snow, skate and surf nirvanas. Some say Bill Goats is a myth or maybe a mist it depends on who’s talking and the amount of their lisp.

Bill Goats Season Edit starring Temple Cummins, Alex Lopez and Wes Makepeace on the Gnu Billygoat

Filmed and edited by Tim Stanford

Gnu Billy Goat Men's Snowboard
Billy Goat
BMBW Solution
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