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Gnu Under with Max Warbington

Max Warbington is a modern day DIY snowboard super hero. On his board he is bolts on all terrain at all times seemingly leveling up out of nowhere to manifest any trick imaginable. He approaches snowboarding with the mind of an abstract artist, the hustle of a day trader and the soul of a zen master. Off hill he’s creating in every direction for the culture, friends, environment, family and good times that keep him ticking. Whether he’s filming mind blowing video parts, winning contests, creating events, editing movies or giving time and effort for a great cause Max always keeps it poppin’.

Tre Squad

Favorite Tre Squad edit of all time?

Say we leave out shorts and shades, my fave is probably “Chile con Tre Squad“, it’s my recap of a trip to Chile for Chicken Meat. That, or one of the Tre Squad hood recaps from the 2012-2016 era. Or any of the “Lifestyles” edits, it’s all gold. Remember The Loon Project??

Tell us a story about Lick The Cat

Gnu Under with Max Warbington Logy B

Do you know Logy B?

Thank the heavens, Yes! He’s Tre Squad OG since before even myself, one of my best friends and the main person documenting and editing everything Brain Bowl affiliated. Music master, front flip blaster, he’s a ride or die homie. So yeah, you could say I know Logy B.

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Patch Pimp Radio Vol. 33
Max Warbington at Mt Bachelor
Max pitted at Bachy

What’s your go to top to 2 bottom Bachelor run?

If it’s fresh tracks and prime condish, I would Start off summit headed around on top of the bowl, huge back 7 off the cornice stomp, keep speed and hang left in the landing to try to blast the step up out of the bowl with maybe a backy or something. Then hang left and hit the showtime windlips right above the Pine Martin Lodge, launch method on one of those hits and then swoop back to summit chair to then go back up and off the backside for a longer lap either ending on Cloudchaser or Northwest chairlifts, wherever the hits are looking money.

Get Stan to Make Me 2 Reggae Tapes

You’re stuck on a snowy island with The Finest, a shovel and 4 albums to listen to, what are they?

I’d definitely get Stan to make me two reggae tapes, that and some OutKast and Wu Tang would get me a looooonnngg way. At least until I get my own crazy guy stuck on an island version of music going haha.

Max Warbington back 7 at Superpark
Max with a trusty back 7 at a Superpark back in the day

Your go to first three tricks off a kicker?

I’m gonna assume it’s huge and I’m scared haha I’d go back 7, switch straight air or front 3 first hit to get the speed and then just start hucking some new tricks I want to try. You only get so many chances to bust on a huge jump so you gotta go for broke.

Without Footy it's Fiction

Five must haves on a Brain Bowl Session?

1. Shovels, rakes and push scoops.

2. Food, water and roll up supplies.

3. A mask of some type.

4. Creativity and confidence.

5. Cameras, without footy it’s fiction.

Max Warbington

What’s your secret?

1. I went plant based!! Been off the flesh and dairy for about 3 years now and loving it. It’s no secret that you can go harder and heal more completely on a plant based diet.

2. I try to find what I like to do most and just go all in. I try to do what it takes to stay on my ideal path through life. It’s not always easy that is for sure, but having goals and taking steps to get there has been powerful for me. When you have a choice in life, just listen to your heart and go with what you truly think is the correct move for your own happiness. Apply what ever amazing skills you have in a way that pushes them to their limits and makes you stretch and grow instead of becoming too comfortable and eventually stiff. I’ve been snowboarding my whole life and every year there is always a way to keep it fresh and exciting, with the right attitude that can perpetuate forever! I am putting my life’s effort into something I love and it’s been positively radiating beyond snowboarding throughout the rest of my life.

Oat Milk

Top three favorite milks

Oat, Oat & Hemp (the most climate friendly milks out there! & easy to make at home!) it’s the 2020s yo, there are no excuses to still be drinking cow juice if you are fortunate enough to have the choice!

Warbington Farm animals

List the names of as many animals as you can on the Warbington farm.

June & Otter (dogs) Chompy (tortoise) Ryan (goose) Bucket (sheep) Tupac (barn cat) Lil spicy (finch) Mortaci (falcon) Onix, Herke, Imke, Lizzane, Jildow, Lena, Flash & Leo (horses).

Warbington Farm Animals
Warbington Farm Animals
Warbington Farm Animals
Warbington Farm Animals
Max Warbington Cenote jumping
Cenote you later!

Did having your board called The Finest motivate you to get in better shape? Will it work for others?

The moment the Finest was introduced to my life, not only did my body shed fat and gain lean muscle. But my brain flipped into a hyper aware flow state of pure bliss. Things have just been working out perfectly. idk for sure but the only explanation I have is the board.

Top five best worst movies of all time?

Anything old and full of offensive and hurtful stereotypes and in your face racism. Some “classics” I think have done and are still doing a good amount of harm to people who identify a certain way.

Max Warbington snowboarding in Bend, Oregon
Twisted Mister on the Finest Gnu

The Finest is C2… why do you like that?

C2 is the perfect camber profile for all types of riding I think. The banana in between your feet let’s you make “kick turn” style movements which I find absolutely key for mini shredding well as making quick movements on steep terrain. While the camber out to the tips gives you something to load up your pop and spring off of or lean into on a flat landing. It’s a board built to handle and be able to trick whatever you find in front of you. C2 rules!

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What are you excited for this season?

The Brain Bowl Sessions!! New Tre squad project coming this winter. It’s gonna be a community focused push to get more people off of resorts and into areas that are open to the public and free to use. Super fun features. Easy locations. Taking any and all shredders who want to come get in on the action and be a part of the recap videos that will drop after each session. Follow @brainbowlsessions on Instagram to be up to date on when and where the sessions are gonna go down.

Gnu Finest Snowboard
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