Under with Naima Antolin

Gnu Snowboards "Under" Interview with Namia Antolin

Naima Antolin is a fiery creator both on and off the snow. She approaches spots and tricks meticulously before unleashing her inner fire to burn them to the ground (in the nicest way possible). After a big year filming stand out parts in “The Uninvited 2” and “Semi Truck” Naima hit the streets, parks and pow during this challenging Covid season with the hopes of knitting together another banger part. We go under to get a glimpse of her season and what makes this snowboarding, crocheting, healthy living, fantastical Bend-ite tick.

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Photos by Tim Zimmerman.

What do you look for when filming in the streets?

I’ve always been drawn to ice formations but they not always easy to find. Also finding spots with natural speed.

Naima Antolin snowboarding wall lip slide
Natural speed? Check! Naima eyeing the pop in on a big wall lip slide.
Naima Antolin sitting on the steps
How are you going to kick this smiley human out of a spot?
Naima Antolin 2019 Edit screen
Evidence of Naima’s ice feature affinity from her 2019 season edit.

Three tricks or techniques that make riding a park more fun?

1. Really focus on the basics to create that solid foundation. Everything else will come in time.

Naima Antolin at It's Tits! @ Timberline
Naima blasting a stale fish at It’s Tits, wingardium leviosaaaaaaah!

2. Find friends you can laugh with when you fall.

3. Don’t forget to breathe.

Namia Antolin snowboarding at The Bush Project
Naima exhales through a complicated kink at The Bush Project.

5 tips to crocheting

1. Really study the basics

2. Practice and patience

3. Invest in some nice scissors

4. YouTube is a great tool

5. Learn around the different yarn weights

These will get ‘er done.

Favorite place to craft?

I like to bring crafts on hikes to craft with a beautiful view, I call it adventure crafts.

Naima Antolin Adventure Crafts
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Top three places you would like to craft in Middle Earth and or Hogwarts?

1. The Shire

The Shire

2. Rivendell for adventure crafts


3. The Burrow aka the Weaslys House

The Burrow

Tell us a story about traveling and filming during the pandemic

5 snowboarders that are inspiring you right now

1. Ylfa Runarsdottir

2. Henna Ikola

3. Jess Kimura

4. Erik Leon

5. Scott Stevens

Who’s your It’s Tits MVP?

Ellie Weiler, if you don’t know her now you’ll know her soon.

Ellie Weiler

What’s your mental process to get through a trick battle?

Well after getting over the fear and the frustration the next step is typically focusing on breath control.

Naima Antolin lying down
Spot nap or breathing exercises?
Naima Antolin snowboarding mid battle
Nai mid battle
Naima Antolin snowboarding success

Next three crochet projects you want to attack?

1. Patchwork tote bag

2. Tank top

3. Bandanna

Next snowboard tricks you want to learn?

Truthfully just every single variation of handplants. I just need to wait for my shoulder to heal up and I’ll be back at it.

Naima Antolin hand plant
Naima Antolin hand plant 2

Best places to eat in Bend?


3 things you like about Gnu Snowboards?

1. Extremely sturdy boards

2. Love the Magne-Traction

Naima Antolin snowboarding @ It's Tits!
This is the caption

3. C2 tech is perfect for the type of boarding I like to do

Media to crochet to

I tend to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. You’ve got to check out this new podcast called Avatar: Braving the Elements. Yes it’s all about Avatar the last air bender….

The Bomb Hole is always a great listen

For books I’ve been loving the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson


3 songs to snowboard to

Blood – Anima!

Wriggle (MrJukes edit) – Cosmo Sheldrake

Think about things – Daoi Freyr

Naima Antolin playing guitar
Naima is also an amazing musician, we’ll have to do another Under…
Naima Antolin with Gnu Velvet snowboard
Naima rides the Velvet.
Gnu Velvet Womens Snowboard
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