Hand Built in Washington State 🇺🇸

Gnu Snowboards 2021-2022

A Gnu Snowboard is an authentic gravity harnessing piece of art hand built in the upper left corner of the USA at the worlds most environmental board factory Mervin Mfg. With radical thinking, tireless dedication and an amazing work shop we’ve developed industry leading technologies and eco practices since 1977. We build our own damn boards. After a recent trip even our team builds their own damn boards, check the vid, pics and more below!

Forest Bailey and the Gnu crew in Sequim, WA
Forest, Blake, Gus and Max building their own damn board.
Mervin Made - Environmental Snowboard Factory
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Gnu: The World’s Most Environmental Board Factory

Every step of our manufacturing process is custom tailored for both our board builders health and our planets health. We use eco materials like fast growing Forest Service Council certified woods and non stinky resin. We’re in Washington State where power is generated through wind and water instead of coal. We drive a truck full of sawdust down the street every few days where our neighbors use it in composting for soil that then is used to grow delicious vegetables and probably some lavender too. And because of our eco sublimation printing process we create ZERO HAZARDOUS WASTE which very few (if any) other board builders can claim! No toxic silk screen process means no toxic run off in to our precious water system. We’re not perfect but we are doing what we can and striving to do more and better. Learn in detail about our manufacturing story and practices at mervinmade.com

We had the pleasure of having some team riders up to the factory to build their own damn boards and over to the Cummins house to assault steep transitions and eat delicious food from Chef Temple. Zim and Stanny were on hand to shoot:

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