Hurricane Gnu

In winter 2021 the Gnu Snowboards team unleashed a flurry of snowboard expression, a hurricane of clips. Temple and Cannon Cummins slashed the deep Washington pow into the warm air of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, clips began to rise. The process grew as Forest Bailey pilfered Portland streets and blasted Baker booters while Blake Paul dissected Wyoming side hits, cliffs and kickers. Meanwhile a warm Japanese current brought a tsunami of Masato Toda to the cloud and larger clip storms formed as Jamie Anderson pointed it down Valdez peaks. The cumulous clips continued to grow and rotate crescendoing with Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Naima Antolin, Brendan Sullivan and more traveling cross country on a no holds barred creative shred mission. The storm was given a category 5 rating and deemed “Hurricane Gnu” a full video featuring the Gnu team. 💙🇺🇸🍎

Videography by: Logan Beaulieu, Sean Lucey, Tim Stanford, Al Grogan, Jon Stark, Dirty Pimp, Freedle Coty and more.
Edit by: Sean Lucey

Riders: Forest Bailey, Blake Paul, Max Warbington, Temple Cummins, Cannon Cummins, Jamie Anderson, Naima Antolin, Alex Lopez, Brendan Sullivan, Sean Fitzsimons, Barrett Cummins, Michael McDaniel, Julian Gluck, Masato Toda, Brantley Mullins, Ellie Weiler, Gus Warbington, Logy B

Tim Zimmerman “Hurricane Gnu” photo gallery

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